Hey there, online daters! If you’re like me and have been in the dating game for a while now, then you know that things sure have changed. In just the last few years alone we’ve seen an explosion of new sites and apps popping up all over – it can be hard to keep track!

It seems like no matter what kind of person or relationship type you’re looking for these days, there is probably a site out there tailored specifically to your needs. Gay? Check. Asian? Yup. Christian Singles? You betcha! There are even niche sites designed around specific interests such as Trekkies or Cat Lovers (I kid you not!). The options really are endless – so much so that it can feel downright overwhelming at times trying to figure out which one is right for YOU… but don’t worry – I’m here to help make sense of it all!

As someone who has tried numerous dating sites and apps over the years (with varying degrees of success), I’ve learned how important understanding yourself AND knowing exactly what kind features each platform offers before jumping into anything head first is key when navigating this wild world we call “online romance." So let’s get started on our journey together shall we?!

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15 Dating Sites And Apps You Have To Try

Our Evaluation Process

At Online Dating Expert, we take our reviews seriously. We don’t just skim through a dating site or app and give it a rating – that’s not how we roll! To ensure the accuracy of our reviews, my team and I dedicate time to testing both free and paid versions of each platform. On average, this includes sending around 50 messages over the course of 5 days (yes – five whole days!). This allows us to get an accurate feel for what using these sites is really like. We also make sure to look at other factors such as user safety measures in place on each website/app; whether they have features like video chat; ease-of-use; customer service options available etc., so you can be sure all bases are covered when making your decision about which one might work best for you. Plus with every review comes screenshots from within the platforms themselves so readers can see exactly what they’re getting into before signing up! Finally, here at Online Dating Expert we believe that providing honest feedback based on thorough research sets us apart from other review sites out there who may only provide superficial information without taking any real action or commitment towards their reviews process – something which makes them unreliable sources in comparison!


1. What are the best dating sites for over 50?

I’ve tried a few different dating sites for over 50 and I would say Match.com, EliteSingles and OurTime are all great options. They have good user bases so you’re likely to find someone who matches your interests, plus they offer lots of helpful features like personality tests and matchmaking services. All in all, these three sites provide an easy way to get started with online dating!

2. What are the best Black dating sites?

I’ve tried a few different Black dating sites and my favorites are Bae, Soul Swipe, and MELD. They all have great features like location-based matching so you can find people in your area easily. Plus they’re free to use which is always nice!

3. What are the best dating apps for transgender people?

I’ve tried a few dating apps specifically for transgender people and I’d have to say my favorites are Transdr, Thurst, and OkCupid. They all have great features that make it easy to find the right match for you. Plus they’re free so there’s no harm in giving them a try!

4. What are the best dating apps for Christians?

I’ve tried a few Christian dating apps and my favorites are CDFF, Believers Connect, and eharmony. They all have great features that make it easy to meet like-minded Christians in your area. Plus they’re super user friendly so you can get started right away!